2020 Show Schedule

Women on Water - FREE CLASS During the Charleston Boat Show

Coastal Fishing Expo

The Coastal Fishing Expo,presented by Coastal Carolina Fisherman and sponsored by Field and Stream, is held Saturday and Sunday at the boat show and features fishing seminars from some of the top fishing experts in the country!

All Seminars Located in Upstairs Meeting Rooms 10 & 11

Captain Eris Jones

Fishing for Kings and Mahi Like a Pro
Saturday – 11:45am, Room 10
The Art of the Offshore Spread
Saturday – 3:45pm, Room 10

Captain Eris Jones is a lifelong North Carolina native. A few years ago, Eris left his career as an E.M.T. and plunged headfirst into his fishing career. In 2015 he won the SKA National Championship. Today he is one the most well know and seminar speakers in the Carolinas and operates “Backlash Fishing Charters” from Sneads Ferry, NC while competing on multiple Kingfishing circuits.

Captain Tim Wilson of Coastal Carolina Fisherman

How the Bottom and Water Quality Impacts Inshore Fishing
Sunday- 3:45pm, Room 10
The Top 20 Boating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Sunday – 1:00pm, Room 11

Tim has been involved in the fishing industry for over 20 years. He has served as the regional editor of Sportfishing Report Magazine and as a feature writer for Boating World Magazine. At the same time, he also worked as a light tackle fishing guide in the Carolina and Wrightsville Beach areas. Today, he serves as the publisher of Coastal Carolina Fisherman e-Magazine. An online publication that covers saltwater fishing on the Carolina Coast.

Captain Mike Able of Able Minded Charters

Tarpon Fishing
Saturday – 10:30am, Upstairs Meeting Room 10
Intro to Offshore Fishing
Saturday – 1:00pm, Room 10

Captain Mike Able is a well-known Carolina coast light tackle fishing guide. He comes from a family of anglers with his parents founding and managing the popular Haddrell’s Point Tackle Shop, located in Mount Pleasant, SC. Mike is one of the most popular seminar speakers in the region and covers a wide array of fishing topics.

Captain Kevin Blair of Charleston Fish Rod Bending Company

How to Fish Like a Guide
Saturday – 2:30pm, Room 10

Kevin is one of the Low Country’s most well-known fishing guides. His expansive fishing knowledge covers all types of saltwater fishing with a focus on inshore. He is also well known for his many fishing related articles on light tackle fishing from not only the Low Country, but great fishing spots across the country. His no nonsense approach also makes him an effective and a highly sought-after seminar speaker.

Captain Wilson Hanna of Redfin Charters

Fishing for Spring Speckled Trout
Sunday – Noon, Room 10

Wilson loves to fish in skinny water of the Charleston Low Country. He is known not only as a talented angler, but also as a great fishing instructor. He has 20 years of experience as a fly fisher and desires to catch the fish of a lifetime, Capt. Wilson will do everything possible to make sure you learn all about Spring Speckled Trout

Captain Justin Carter of Redfin Charters

Flounder Fishing – Areas, Targeting and the Right Lure
Sunday – 1:15pm Room 10

Captain Justin is a lifelong fisherman and accomplished tournament angler. He has compiled a complete picture of the ecosystem and its relationship to the fish he targets. As well as being a boat Captain, Justin is a world class kayak angler with numerous Kayak Angler of the Year awards and was the 2014 USA National Kayak Fishing Team Captain for the World Championships in Amsterdam.

Captain Chip Berry of Maps Unique

Bottom Structure, The Fishing Gold Mine
Sunday – 2:30pm, Room 10

Chip is lifelong saltwater fishing enthusiast. He has served as a charter captain along both Carolina coast. Thirty years ago, Chip founded Maps Unique which he still owns and operates today. The company creates offshore charts for the recreational and commercial fisherman. He is regarded as one of the foremost experts on the ocean bottom of the Carolina and Georgia coast and how it impacts fishing. His instructional seminars and many articles are captivating and filled with fishing knowledge.

Tanya Dowdy

Inshore Fishing, A Woman’s Perspective
Saturday – Noon, Room 11

Tanya is an inshore fishing competitor. Her experience is largely driven by her passion for light tackle fishing. When she’s not on the water she shares her expansive expertise with anglers at West Ashley’s, Haddrell’s Point Tackle Shop as a tackle sales consultant. She is widely known and respected in the Charleston area fishing community, by both recreational anglers and fishing guides for her knowledge and high level of inshore fishing skills.

Captain Anthony Noury of Sea Tow Charleston

Safe Boating Tips That May Surprise You
Saturday – 1:00pm, Room 11

Anthony is the owner and operator of Sea Tow Charleston. His nearly 15 years of helping boaters on the water makes him one of the foremost speakers on the subject of boating safety. His presentation goes way beyond the basic boating safety lecture to include many useful and practical aspects on how to stay safe and better enjoy your time on the water.

Pernell McDaniel

Local Charleston performer, singer, songwriter.  Pernell has been a local staple in the Charleston music scene for more than 25 years.  His sturdy guitar style, catchy harmonica riffs and rugged vocals combine to create a performance that is both dynamic and entertaining.  His eclectic song selection combines a broad spectrum of genres from more than three decades and has made him a local favorite in Charleston’s festival circuit and live music venues.

Friday, January 24th

Located outside in Parking Lot

Friday – 1pm – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday – 11am – 5pm

Waltzing Matilda

Local Charleston trio will be performing featuring Caryn Egan of The Michael Martin Band, Veteran Broadway upright bassist Arnold Gotleib and Hopturn Twotape of the critically acclaimed legendary jazz fusion group Illa Zilla!  Waltzing Matilda incorporates tight vocal harmonies and carefully crafted instrumentation to create beautiful renditions of classic Americana favorites and male/female duets.

Saturday, January 25th and Sunday, January 26th

Located outside in Parking Lot

Friday – 1pm – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday – 11am – 5pm


Come test your boating skills with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Virtual Trainer by Pioneer.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Located in the Parking Lot


PHWFF is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fishing and associated activities including education and outings.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Located outside in the Parking Lot

Wounded Nature - Working Veterans Educational Tent

Try your hand at Turtle Putt.  The idea is to get the turtle egg (golf ball) past all of the coastal debris into the turtle nest (hole).  On this beach (putting lane) you will also see a bunch of hatchlings from another nest try to make their way past all of the debris to reach the ocean.  If in one shot (also known as a hole in one) you can get the egg into the nest, you will win your very own sea turtle (plush toy) to take home with you.

Learn more about Wounded Nature

Located outside in the Parking Lot


Attention all Scallywags and Wenches (and all those in between)!
 Captain Jack will be setting his course for the Charleston Boat Show! Come out and see Captain Jack Sparrow as he makes Charleston his port for the weekend! Hold on to your wallets, hide the rum, and keep your wenches close as you take pictures with Captain Jack. There will be lots of pillaging, plundering, and perhaps a hijacking or two! Mark your calendars and set sail for the Charleston Boat Show! See you there, mates

Saturday & Sunday
Wherever you can find them!

Kids Fishing Seminar

Kathy Wilson of Coastal Carolina Fisherman

Kids Fishing Seminar “How To’s and Crafts”
Saturday – 2:30pm, Room 11
Sunday – 2:00pm, Room 11

Kathy has fished many places along the Carolina Coast over the years. She has also expanded her fishing knowledge by “Bucket Trip” excursions that included fishing for Tarpon in the Florida and fishing for giant Redfishing in South Louisiana. She combines her passion for fishing with her passion for children as the Coastal Carolina Fisherman online magazine’s ambassador to kids. Her presentation includes great information for beginning junior anglers. The presentation includes basic “How To’s) and a craft time the kids will participate in.


The mysterious depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where no human hand has touched, is where Mermaid Oracle calls home. She is called ‘Oracle’ for her magical gifts of foretelling the future and wise guidance, but her ocean friends call her Ori. Foretelling the future of the polluted seas and its impact on ocean-life and mankind alike, Mermaid Ori set out on a daring mission to swim to the surface and make contact with the humans, to teach them about the importance of keeping the oceans clean. When Ori popped her head above water she saw a giant pirate ship, with humans, sailing across the water. Swimming in slowly for a closer look, she quickly dodged what appeared to have been a bottle thrown overboard by the Captain on the deck! Overcome by her frustration, Ori grabbed the floating bottle and threw it back, hitting the Captain in the back of the head before it hit the wooden deck in a ‘thud’. He spun around to see a very angry mermaid staring back at him, and ordered his crew to catch her with their nets! As they hoisted the mermaid up, and onto their ship, the Captain became entranced by her beauty and quickly cut her loose from the nets. She explained her mission to the Captain, and asked him to take her along on his journeys to meet as many humans as possible, so she could get their help in saving the oceans. Caring for the ocean deeply, himself, the Captain agreed to help. And so, Mermaid Ori sails around from port to port with the Captain, sharing in his adventures and spreading her message of ocean conservation to every wonderful human she meets!


Always a favorite at the Charleston Boat Show! Kids enjoy the personalized designs Susan creates for them.

Saturday 12:00 – 5:00 
Sunday 1:00 – 4:00 
Located in the Main Lobby

Fairy Hair!

Natural silk in your hair creates Sparkle, Illumination & Dazzle!  Sparkling hair strands create a magical aura with flashes of shifting glitter, illumination and fun!

Saturday 12 – 5pm
Sunday 1pm – 4pm
Located in the Main Lobby