Food Vendors

Roadside Seafood

If you are looking for the “Best Down Home Seafood” in Charleston…Roadside Seafood is the place for you! 

Our She-Crab Soup was named “One of the city’s best bowls…” by Post and Courier food critic Hanna Raskin. A family recipe and a Lowcountry favorite, is a cream based soup filled with jumbo lump crab meat, crab roe and a touch of sherry. 

Dave’s Barnyard BBQ

Dave has been known around Darlington for years as making the best smoked Boston Butt BBQ.  A few years ago his partner Marty came on the scene when Dave heard about this guy who was making a KILLER barbeque sauce in Florence.  The sauce was “borrowed” from an old family friend’s grandma and changed just ever so slightly. When Marty’s sauce met Dave’s rub on Boston Butts, Barbecue Heaven was discovered.  The whole neighborhood was calling Dave telling him,”Man, we can smells your butts from here!”  Dave then found the cook trailer that had been used for competition cooking up for sale, brought Marty to check it out and Dave’s Barnyard BBQ was born. Our original chunk style Boston Butt BBQ is unique in it’s taste, appearance, and appeal.  Come see Dave at his BBQ barnyard and get a taste of BBQ Heaven!